Monday, May 7, 2012

Beware of Candles in the center aisle

Ok, so this is a bit of a rant but there seems to be a new trend to have candles and flowers on the floor on either side of the center aisle. Based on what I’ve observed recently, even though it looks very pretty—it’s not a good idea.

At several weddings I’ve seen guests trip over and break the candle holders. This past weekend the mother of the bride sat down on her chair on the aisle and her dress fell onto the candle. I was able to pull the dress away before it caught fire. Then the flower girl, after walking down the aisle, went to sit down and her dress just floated over the top of the candle as she went to sit down. Fortunately the dress did not catch on fire.

I’ve seen glass vases filled with water and a candle floating on top accidently kicked and broken and the water completely soaked the aisle cloth. It had to be removed before the wedding.

At another wedding there were candles lining a staircase and as one of the groomsmen walked down the stairs, he kicked the candle with his foot, sending it flying into the air.

At a black tie wedding a couple of years ago there were pedestals with tall vases filled with flower lining the center aisle. One of the ushers bumped in to the pedestal and the vase, full of water fell on to the lap of a guest. She was soaking wet.

So, please, please if you are concerned about safety and preventing something serious, consider the risks of candles and vases on the floor on the center aisle.


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